2 comments on “Flavor and taste: a science? (1)

  1. I don’t understand why different people have got different taste, I mean some people like some kinds of beer brands while the other group have test for another kinds of beer brands. Is this because of different persons have different perception? Can we get any explanation from science regarding this matter?

    • To answer your question with a little bit of science:
      1) the number of taste buds plays an important role, and also the type of taste bud: some people will have more taste buds that recognize bitter, while others have more salt- taste buds and hence will taste salt sooner and stronger than others.
      2) perception: this can be scientific, the way you percept different tastes in regard with the chemicals your brain sets free when it tastes sweet for example. But this can also be psychological, a memory you have of a certain food can influence how you taste it. Also society can influence you when you taste something, by commercials but also by peers. Boys often will prefer to drink beer, maybe because they like it more but maybe also because society tells them that men should drink beer, women often prefer sweeter drinks like cocktails and wine. This of course is a stereotype, but maybe it could also be an example of how our taste is influenced by others.
      3) As we get older we learn more flavors and learn to appreciate more foods, so taste is also something that develops and can change over the years. The first time you eat or drink something can be a totally different experience than the second and third. People are also able to adapt to certain changes like spices and salt.

      So differnces in how we experience taste can partially be explained by the science of the taste buds but the role of psychological sciences can’t be overlooked.

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