3 comments on “To brake or not to brake

  1. What method do you propose in your thesis to be used? An alarm or automatic breaking? And isn’t automatic breaking a little dangerous as long as the truck doesn’t process all the other traffic and parameters around it?

  2. The road code provides laws which should make it always safe to step on the brakes. The most evident rules are those that oblige to keep a safe distance. In real life however, those rules are very often ignored. Keeping that in mind, there are already systems that automatically brake [1], even when the truck is driving fast. In situations where the blind spot is dangerous, the truck is generally driving very slow. The truck is driving slow to make a tight turn. Under these slow speeds it seems harmless to stop completely.


  3. Research on stereo sequences is a current hot subjects at many research centers of car companies worldwide, and also at academic institutions. See the .enpeda.. project, http://www.citr.auckland.ac.nz/projects/research/, for example. Driver assistance based on computer vision is starting to impact safety and performance features of modern cars. Research tasks are manyfold, and will define a vivid area of research for the next couple of years. Hope this will be interesting for your thesis. I found also interesting pdf file in this subject following the link below .


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